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Haugr Targe
The finished product, a fine companion for the weekend pillage!

The first layer of 2x1/4 In pine strips, cut, glued, clamped and drying. There are two layers, affixed at right angles to each other.

The canvas for the front. Soaked in wood glue/water mixture and drying. This gives the shield strength, uniformity, and something to paint on!

The painted shield. A hole was cut in the middle (for a fist!) and needed to be covered with a Shield Boss, the only part I didn't make. It's held on by iron tacks that look like tiny railroad spikes.

A rear view of the targe. For both sides, a too-long carpet tack was driven through every other piece of wood into a hard surface, so the end would curl over and provide a good clinch. The rim is 28Ga sheet steel, cold-worked to match the shield edge.

A solid, sturdy construction for the raiding of the southern lands

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